Hormones are a major part of what makes us function as humans, and what drives our social, sexual, and instinctive behavior.

Hormones influence our behavior – which is often why an “imbalance” of certain hormones can cause emotional, physical or social issues in humans.

Take for example, testosterone. This is produced primarily by men – however, an overabundance of this hormone can result in acne, severe mood changes, and strong muscle growth (this is why steroid users can experience something called “roid-rage”).

However, when it comes to pheromones, they work a little bit differently to a hormone.

Pheromones are hormones, but are excreted by animals on skin, hair, and saliva (sweat and bodily fluids). For humans, they are found on our skin and are excreted through our pores (and most abundantly in the armpits, or the axillary region).

From there, they can become airborne, and be detected by other humans.



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