Yes. Earlier, we discovered that they are like “chemical messengers”. 

They can project or convey information about you to other humans, at least on a primal, instinctual, or subconscious level (just as animals use their sense of smell for many purposes).

There is no way to “measure” which specific pheromone does what on an emotional or subconscious level unless it is an obvious physiological change (such as an increase in cortisol, skin temperature, release of neurotransmitters or hormones, etc).

However, several studies show that our body odor can change with our health, environment, fitness level, and specific genetics – which means we all have unique scent signatures (or odor prints).

Pheromone colognes and perfumes can “modify” your natural “scent signature”, and give you the appearance of being more attractive, sociable, popular, or even more “alpha” than you actually are (there’s a more comprehensive list of effects below).

But pheromones (particularly synthetic colognes and perfumes) aren’t JUST about attracting men or women.

There are literally dozens of outstanding pheromone colognes on the market that can enhance your dating life but also significantly improve your professional and life too.

Here are just a few different ways they can help in your everyday life.

  • Boost your social status and get you more respect from friends, family, acquaintances and more.
  • Make people feel a sense of “awe” in your presence
  • Dramatically improve your social skills
  • Provide an aura of trust, respect, and admiration
  • Make you more “charming” to men and women, which will get people to want to befriend you
  • Make women extremely clingy towards you, and crave your presence
  • HUGE indicators of interest (you’ll notice a LOT more touching, flirting, and conversation as women will be extremely intrigued by you)
  • Maximize the positive personality traits you have, while making negative ones less noticeable
  • Completely change someones “first impression” of you (great for getting out of friendzone, or getting an ex back)
  • Create woman stalkers who will want to date you (not sure if you’d want this, but it’s awesome having women chase me for a change).
  • And much more…



Phero Joe Professional Tester & Reviewer at House Of Pheromones

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