We do produce our own unique, natural scent signatures.

And what do we do with it?

We wash them off, and spray ourselves with deodorant to cover up those odors, or slather aftershave, and wear moisturizers, and more…

Our society is obsessed with cleanliness (which is great), but it also detracts from our human experiences.

Using synthetic products gives us our edge back when it comes to attracting partners, and being noticed by other people.

Synthetic colognes and perfumes with are also created to a very high standard.

They are far more pure than natural pheromones, and don’t have the bacteria that natural “odor” has.

There are periods when a person not only does not generate his “aroma of passion”, but also, on the contrary, emits completely opposite odor — repellent, smell of fear. This is the body’s response to stress, disorders to a long mental and physical stress. At such moments, those around us do not notice us, we become less attractive. Perfumes with pheromones at such moments are especially necessary. They help improve mood, lead out of depression, we again feel cheerful, happy and full of strength, including sexual. It is worth noting that in this case, the “aroma of passion" does not only affect others. We ourselves become more liberated, open people in communication.

True disorders and fatigue are not the only conditions for developing a repellent. Other factors can contribute here: dramatic climate change, medication, temperature changes ... These are factors that we do not physically feel. Therefore, perfumes with pheromones should always be in your combat arsenal




Phero Joe Professional Tester & Reviewer at House Of Pheromones

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