Pheromone Oil vs Pheromone Sprays: Each Has Pros & Cons, Choose Them Wisely 

Pheromone oils can work in VERY different ways from their alcohol-based counterparts in terms of self effects, and effects on others. But which one is the best?

Pheromone oil vs alcohol – it doesn’t really seem like a big deal …

But sometimes one mix may work for someone, and for someone else, it’s a complete bomb (and vice-versa).

Whether it’s due to body chemistry, our “natural” personalities, or our resistance to being controlled is highly debatable.

Nobody really knows why at this point.

However, what we do know is that there is a BIG difference in how a specific formulation (whether it’s oil-based, alcohol-based, or anything else) can completely change how a product works.

Here are some of the CORE differences in how they work.

  • Pheromone oils typically have a MUCH larger concentration of pheromones per ml, than alcohol-based mixes.
  • Self effects tend to be SIGNIFICANTLY better with pheromone oils vs pheromone sprays. Due to the high concentration of pheromones, the “cloud” it creates is much more concentrated than an alcohol-based carrier. Although alcohol is effective, it tends to “spread” the signal from the pheromones around (sometimes this means the target isn’t sure who’s responsible for making them feel a certain way).
  • Alcohol-based pheromone sprays can “hit” targets faster, whereas pheromone oils hit “deeper”…it means by that is alcohol tends to disperse a LOT quicker and hit your targets almost immediately. However, oil-based pheromone products can take longer to hit – but when they hit, it’s nuclear. It ranges from several minutes to hours depending on the target, the specific product you’re using, your natural personality, etc.
  • The “projection distance” from alcohol-based products is much better than oils. Most pheromone sprays will work in a range of 10-15 ft, with closer obviously being much better to ensure your target gets a good whiff of the pheromones. With pheromone oils, this range is shortened to about 4-8 feet being the max projection limit. In order to get the most from your oil-based pheromones, you must be in close range of your intended target.
  • Pheromone oils tend to last about 6-8 hours, whereas alcohol-based products last roughly 2-4 hours optimally.
  • Pheromone oil works slightly better because they are perceived in a more “natural” way… the slow diffusion of oil means that your target and people around you will “believe” your pheromone signature more easily. Sometimes, there can be resistance to a pheromone signal, because it is overwhelming, or doesn’t “suit” you (congruence). In fast-paced environments like bars or nightclubs, using an alcohol-heavy mix is preferable.

At the end of the day, everyone is different and has different situations where they need certain products to work.

For example, if you know you are going to have limited time with a target, it might be best to go with a spray-type product because it hits quicker.

If you are going to have a few hours around a desired target, then using a pheromone oil might be your best bet.

It’s up to you to exercise sound judgment and choose a product suitable for you.

As long as you understand the basic differences between pheromone oil and alcohol, then it’s pretty easy to do.

Also, if you’ve found a great pheromone product, then always check with the vendor to see if the product is available in different formats.

Be sure to choose a pheromone oil or alcohol-based product depending on what you NEED, not just because the oils tend to work a lot better…

You might even find that the sprays work better for YOU personally.

Remember that this is all quite subjective



Phero Joe Professional Tester & Reviewer at House Of Pheromones