Pheromones are odorous substances that are released on the skin of mammals (including humans), that can affect social and sexual behavior of other persons from the same species

Steroids that are released in sweat, and most abundantly in the axillary (the armpit) area call axillary steroids. They are hormones and produced by the testes, ovaries, apocrine, & adrenal glands.They are also typically androstanes, androstenes, & androstadienes – which are derivatives of testosterone – an androgen, aka hormone (which is why many of the known pheromones often contain the “andro” prefix).


  • ANDROSTENOL (5alpha-androst-16-en-3-ol) is present in men and women. Androstenol causes romantic feelings, a friendly disposition to the owner of the smell, making it more accessible in terms of communication. Creates an aura of youth and health, which is regarded by others like the ability to reproduce offspring, which is an additional factor in attracting sexual partners.
  • ANDROSTENONE (5alfa-Androst-16-en-3-one) is a pheromone of sexual attraction that conveys aggressive sexuality. This pheromone creates the aggressive sexual dominant of the odor owner. Present in both men and women. However, compared with men, it should be in small quantities. The man, the carrier of ANDROSTENONE, his behavior of the surrounding women will be perceived as leading. In the eyes of those around him, the carrier ANDROSTENONE is an aggressive man, with pronounced sexuality, assertiveness, stands out, primarily because of the sexual component that attracts many to a true level.
  • ANDROSTERONE (5alpha-androstan-3α-ol-17-one) is a serious male pheromone. It creates a feeling of strength, security, security, but not aggression. ANDROSTERONE also has the ability to enhance the action of other pheromones of sexual attraction.
  • ANDROSTADIENONE (delta 4.16-androstadien-3-one) - male pheromone. This is a well-known phenomenon that has a specific effect on the brain activity of a woman. This pheromone can cheer up a woman, even relieve PMS. It makes a woman want to stay, comfort. It increases the desire of women to take care, to be sensual and tender. However, in its use, care must be taken, as ANDROSTADIENON, after contact with the skin, after some time turns into ANDROSTENON (pheromone of sexual aggression - see above).
  • ESTRETETRAENOL (estra-1,3,5 (10), 16-tetraen-3-ol) is the analogue of ANDROSTADIENONE, only for men (see above ANDROSTADIENON). However, this is a very weak actor. It stimulates the vomeronasal organ, raises the man's mood, gives a feeling of joy. Used in preparations, as a rule, in complexes with other pheromones
  • COPULIN is a defined mixture of short-chain organic acids found in the vaginal secretion of women. An exclusively female pheromone. It is designed to achieve optimal relationships between men and women. This pheromone group increases testosterone levels in men up to 150%. An increase in testosterone causes a feeling of arousal in men in regular women



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