Original Pheromone Perfume for Women AlfaMarker

Are you going on a date or just want to feel confident about attending an important event? Do you want to have your own unique scent and not get lost in the crowd? We will make sure you are the center of attention. We offer a wide range of exclusive original high-quality perfumes with pheromones.
AlfaMarker is a perfume for women with pheromones that captures the essence of naturally instilled charm and confidence. This rich, deep, aristocratic oriental floral fragrance radiates passion and sensuality. Its special multifaceted blend of pheromones and mysterious notes culminates in an unforgettable impression that goes far beyond any regular perfume for women.

Alfamarker is more than just a perfume...

Harnessing the latest advancements in fragrance technology, this unique scent combines exquisite notes with the subtle power of pheromones, creating an irresistible magnetism that sets you apart.

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Our customers say

Stunning bottle, velvety fragrance

I've tried other pheromone fragrances in the past and didn't like them. This one is so much better! The scent is unique - it has a velvety-warm tone that is brightened with notes of citrus. It's quite unique - I haven't smelled anything like it before. I've received a few compliments - most notably from my husband who is a typical man and doesn't notice much. :) I applied it in the morning and the scent lasted all day.

Works like a charm

......... This particular scent, sweet, and nectar-like, is very potent! Case in point, there is a man that I work with who really dislikes me. For no reason other than I am happy and he's grouchy. I wore my fragrance to work and he began to speak to me for the first time in two and a half months! At one point he was singing and dancing at work! It was like a spell had been cast on The Grinch! I said to him "Why have you been singing all morning?" and he said "I think I have lost my mind." I daresay its this product. He was back to his grumpy self the next day when I didn't wear it.
I combine it very lightly on my wrists and neck under my perfume. If you want results I can tell you this seems 5x better than my last pheromone purchase. I will ALWAYS have a bottle. Dancing grouchy people. Who knew?

No lie, my boyfriend and I are back together thanks to this perfume

Beautiful, feminine, alluring. My ex and I are back together, because of this fragrance. Well let's just say it got things going. I wrote him a hand written letter, and lightly add a couple touches of this perfume to the letter before folding it and placing it in the envelope and mailed the letter.

The next day he sent me an email while he was at work, saying he received my letter today, and was so glad to hear from me. That he just can't get enough of the beautiful scent, and kept ho!ding it close and smelling it. And asked did I put a love portion or something in the letter, because I'm feeling something.

The rest is an ongoing love story.💏