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Pheromone Cologne for Men 20 ml Intense

Pheromone Cologne for Men 20 ml Intense

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AlfaMarker pheromone perfume for men is not just men's cologne is the unique and overpowering formula new generation formula of the reconstituted male pheromone.

  • AlfaMarker will “modify” your natural “scent signature”, and give you the appearance of more attractive, sociable, popular and more “alpha”. 

 AlfaMarker contains a balanced pheromone composition making it applicable for all types of men.  Works to Attract Women and has a strong effect due to the esters in the composition.

The benefits for men using the pheromone cologne for men Alfamarker can be quite significant and worthwhile. Reported effects include increased attractiveness, confidence, and perceived authority. 

AlfaMarker helps amplify power masculine traits. This is due to the high concentration of Androstenone. Women will be more receptive and warm in your presence.

AlfaMarker amplifies your best qualities and makes you more appealing and desirable.

Aim for more success attracting women you want to be with. Take advantage of the masculine vibe that women adore.

Make yourself more enchanting for women, make women wish for your presence -you will notice more flirting, as women will be intrigued by you. 

Pheromone Perfume for men Alfamarker, rich in natural Mediterranean ingredients is a bold, original product and leaves a long, fragrant imprint on the skin. AlfaMarker has the fragrance of the inimitable character of the Mediterranean, fascinating water notes in its sound, and a special style of a modern man


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